Cheryl Thompson, M.S. CCC/SLP

I love engaging with people. As a speech pathologist, as a musician, and as a parent, my background is diverse and has allowed me to interact with people in ways I never could have imagined. Most defining to my life, is music. I find that music is simply communication of another form. Like nonverbal communication, music conveys a story that is understood without explanation. We listen, watch, feel, and make mental images that assist our own comprehension.

The dynamics of life vary. We can be noisy or quiet, a different dynamic for every situation, every interaction. Not one way of doing things suits all individuals nor all occasions. Our life pace is also changing. We sometimes have to hurry and move fast, while other occasions, we take our time and enjoy the scenery. We find that in our interactions, sometimes others aren’t reading the same ‘music’ as we are: we want to slow down, and they are in a rush; or we’re wanting to move things along, only to see that our partner is not keeping pace with us. We have to be focused on each other to determine the right speed, the best pace, and then read each other to see how to progress from there. Our intonation (our pitch) defines how well we will relate to each other. Are we singing the same tune? Do we work together in a harmonious way, or in a way that is disagreeable to the ear? When playing in the orchestra of life, we continuously ask ourselves: Am I in the right spot? Am I with everyone else, are we together? Am I leading, following, or coordinating?

Communication is the music of life.

As a speech pathologist with 20 years of professional practice, I have found that working in natural environments is most productive for success. I work to facilitate integration of skills in a practical and meaningful way by developing functional speech, language, and communication through real-life experiences. The outcome being to help an individual reach their personal best through successful, clear, collaborative, and effective communication.

Educational Background & Licenses:

  • Washington State License #LL00002979
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence #09119080
  • M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, University of Texas-Dallas
  • B.A. Speech and Hearing Sciences, Washington State University
  • RDI Trained (Relationship Development Intervention, Certified 2014-2017)