We all need a good laugh!!

Click below to see some fun videos that bring to light how our social communication shapes the impressions of those around us, for better or worse!! Check out how we see these great YouTube videos from a different perpective.

Communication is for the Birds

View through 2:13 for this exercise.

First Glance:

This is a comical look at how we can exclude others without words. What the birds don’t say has the biggest impact. This is a great social commentary.

Second Look:

How universal is communication without words? Can you imagine any human not understanding what is happening in this video, regardless of age? Nonverbal communication is universal amongst animals and humans alike.

Serious Contemplation:

Change – What is the problem? Social isolation based on purely observable differences. All of the birds are blue, one is simply a different size.

Activate – How do they perpetuate the problem? The small birds are not able to observe any common ground, instead focusing on differences. They’re making fun of and isolating the one who is different. In a group, they build on each other’s mocking, escalating the difference to a point of danger.

Reshape – Solving the problem. In the end, the small birds recognized the value of the bigger bird, who was able to shield them when they had no feathers left. Dynamics can change through one small moment of personal benefit. That is how changes happen, in a very small, ordinary outcomes.

Experience – The Communication Diet

A Failure to Communicate

We don’t always take the time to share ideas clearly. Here, communication is creative and persistent, and eventually effective.

Experience – The Communication Diet

A Funny Misunderstanding

Don’t judge too quickly.

It’s easy to assume that what we see with our eyes is all the information we need, to presume an understanding of what’s going on.

Our eyes alone cannot tell the whole story.

Experience – The Communication Diet

In Case You were Having a Bad Day

This baby knows a universal greeting that draws people in. She finds a way to relate on a basic level and connects people of all ages.

Experience – The Communication Diet